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Das Schloß, am Söller steht Princess Trivia und singt:

TRIVIA : Morning, morning, why don´t you bring freedom
Chor: Freedom
TRIVIA: Morning, morning, grant me your wings of freedom
Chor: Freedom
TRIVIA : Lover, as gentle as the morning light you touched me, caressing me like noone did before, but you wouldn´t understand, that my heart is sore, cause I can´t meet you again, it was a one night love affair, yes I´m locked up in a golden cage and noone hears my prayer. Lover, if you only could, I´m sure, you´d gladly help me, and save me from this prison and my lot, but if you find out, that I´m not, what you thought - then my fate is sealed and my identity revealed, I wonder if you turned away, if you knew, what I concealed: Oh Lover, come and get me, but get me quick, before you discover, that I´m the princess and I have to marry another. Morning, morning, why can´t you bring - my lover !
Chor: Lover !

Während des Gesanges, eine Katze, ein paar Vögel, etwa wie bei Cinderella, nur daß eine wie ungewollt wirkende Stripeinlage von Trivia der Szene einen erotischen Touch verleiht.
Zoom weg, die Szene erscheint in der Kristallkugel des Zauberers